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Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch is now known as Merrill following their acquisition by Bank of America in 2009. They are currently the Wealth Management division of Bank of America and employ over 19,000 advisors. Assets under management for Merrill total over $2.75 trillion. Bank of America Corporation, through its subsidiaries, specializes in goals-based wealth management, including planning for retirement, education, legacy and other life golas through invesment and credit management. Merrill Lynch has been recognized as a Weathies Award Winner for 2020 in the areas of Social Media Leadership with Socialize – Compliant Social Media Platform for Advisors as well as for Technology with their Digital Collaboration Tool Set. You can read more about those In a push to cater to larger clients, Merrill is cutting payouts to advisors that manage accounts under $250,000. This could also be seen as a larger trend across the Fintech sector as digital transformation grows.