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Left to right: Chad Goodchild and Jacob Schlicht

Merrill Team Jumps Ship for TruClarity-Backed Independence

Advisors Chad Goodchild and Jacob Schlicht launched a New York–based firm called Kickstand Wealth Advisors.

Two former advisors who managed a combined $441 million at Bank of America Merrill Lynch joined TruClarity Wealth Advisors corporate RIA platform, TWA.

Chad Goodchild and Jacob Schlicht, set up Kickstand Wealth Advisors in Pittsford, N.Y. Joining Goodchild and Schlicht are Devyn Squires, wealth planner, and Christine Fusare, director of client services

“By going independent, we can choose the best options for the clients we serve and have the freedom to explore new ideas and innovations,” said Schlicht.

Kickstand offers securities through TWA, a sister company of TruClarity Management Solutions, the Tampa, Fla.–based company that offers transition services to financial advisors. 

Before Goodchild and Schlicht, TWA hired former RBC advisor Matthew Chester in June. The Stockbridge, Mass., advisor launched Tableaux Wealth Management.

TWA was created in 2019 as a tuck-in model for wirehouse breakaways. TWA provides compliance, human resources and custodial relationships to the advisors to free them up to focus on their clients during and after the transition. TWA is headed by CEO and president Pamela Stross and chaired by Darian Johnson.

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