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Hartley Goldstone

Founder, Trustscape LLC

Hartley Goldstone, J.D., MBA, delights in being surprised by profound questions, having served families for 25 years as attorney, trust officer, and planner.

He co-authored, along with Kathy Wiseman, the recently published "TrustWorthy - New Angles on Trusts From Beneficiaries and Trustees," which is a collection of 25 personal — and positive — stories told by beneficiaries, trustees and their advisors. The book is an outgrowth of the ongoing Beneficiary and Trustee Positive Story Project begun in 2010. 

Today, Hartley offers keynote presentations, customized interactive workshops, and personal consultation to advisory firms, family offices, trust companies and inheritors in all stages of life.

Services are directed toward re-framing what has been described as the most complex, conflicted and difficult relationship known under the law — the “arranged marriage” between beneficiary and trustee — that too often fails downstream generations. The focus is on raising awareness of positive possibilities and then assisting to discern practical steps to tackle big questions.

Hartley's approach is to help clients find what's going right (while also acknowledging difficulties), build upon that "positive core," and arrive at exceptional results that go well beyond acceptable.

His application of the growing body of positive psychology research to personal trust relationships is unique in the industry.

Hartley has presented at conferences of the Family Office Exchange, Institute of Private Investors, American Bankers Association, Purposeful Planning Institute, and others. Also has been a guest lecturer at the University of Colorado Law School and the Sturm College of Law of the University of Denver.

He was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA and JD degrees from the University of Denver.

Hartley lives near Denver, Colorado with his wife and sons.


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