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The World's Top Cities for Generation Z

Weighing 22 different metrics, on-demand housing platform Nestpick generated a list of the top cities for Generation Z.

Weighing 22 metrics, covering diverse metrics in the realms of "digital," "principles," "leisure," and "business," on-demand housing platform Nestpick recently generated the list of the best cities for Generation Z. 

Cities were given scores of 1-to-100 on each category. The combined scores for all metrics were then used to generate an overall score for each city. 

"To guide the study, we first needed to define and contextualize Generation Z. According to the Pew Research Center, those born between 1997-2012 are considered to be a member of Gen Z due to common key social, political, and technological circumstances. Born into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a post-9/11 world, the climate crisis, and a recession, Gen Z-ers are known to be digital natives who value security, diversity, and autonomy, and aim to achieve it through pragmatism and determination," Nestpick wrote in its writeup of the results. "A shortlist of prominent, international cities were selected based on their reputation as destinations to pursue work and education, as well as those who have shown initiative to act on the demands of previous generations such as Millennials and Generation X. The degree of digitalization was first measured through factors such as e-governance, connectivity, and e-banking. We wanted to find out to what extent a city supports Gen Z principles and scored their social equality, internationalism, and climate commitment. Next, a leisure score was determined by measuring the prevalence of e-gaming events and concerts. Finally, a business score was evaluated based on the entrepreneurial spirit fostered by a city through factors such as the strength of the AI industry, social entrepreneurship, and affordability."

In the following gallery we feature the top 20 cities on Nestpick's list and include each cities' score in the five business-related metrics. To see the full rankings across all 22 categories, check the full list at their site. 


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