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LPL racked up 11181 advisors in 2012

CA Retirement Advisors Join LPL Financial

The two advisors have a combined total of $150 million in managed assets and will join LPL from Royal Alliance.

Two retirement counselors from Benefit Funding Retirement Services with a combined total of $150 million in assets under management will be joining LPL Financials’ corporate registered investment advisor and broker/dealer platforms, the nation's largest independent broker/dealer announced today.

The news comes during Focus 2019, LPL’s annual advisor conference currently taking place in San Diego. Dennis Priest and Edmond Karam, who will be joining LPL from Advisor Group's Royal Alliance, were in attendance for the conference, with Priest acknowledging that LPL’s integrated platforms and tools like ClientWorks Connected were a prime driver in their move.

“The technology resources make it easier for us to tailor reports and build portfolios that focus on our clients’ specific needs,” he said. “We believe that with LPL’s partnership, we can continue to expand on the quality of services we provide our clients.”

Priest, who has worked in financial services since 1983, started Benefit Funding Retirement Services in 2007, with Karam coming on board two years later. The duo works with clients who are retired (or near retirement) in Southern California. The company also consists of manager Candice Moulas and Priest’s two sons (one is working on achieving a CFP designation, while the other plans to enroll in LPL’s Independent Advisor Institute this autumn).

“I consider this profession a calling,” Priest said. “The work we do has a major impact on our clients’ personal and financial lives. It’s rewarding when you see your clients hit financial milestones and fulfill their personal dreams.”

2019 year has been a busy period of acquisitions and expansion for LPL Financial. In July alone, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer acquired the Los Angeles-based Charton Financial Group with about $500 million in client brokerage, advisory and retirement plan assets, and earlier in the month two Texas advisors with $125 million in assets under management and New York-based Suffolk Wealth Management (with $110 AUM) joined LPL.

At its annual conference this week, LPL also announced the creation of a new team focused on collecting advisor feedback in order to better implement desired changes at the company.

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