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Farther CEO and co-founder Taylor Matthews
Farther CEO and co-founder Taylor Matthews

Farther Reports $3B In AUM, New Hires

Among its new recruits is a team from Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management.

The self-described technology-centric wealth management firm Farther announced another major jump in its AUM this week, having exceeded $3 billion in assets and hired 32 new advisors.

Among the advisors onboarded is a group from Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management, which has $649 million in AUM and includes Gary Corderman, Robert Davenport, Jonathan Doshier, Jeffrey Hawkins, Jeffery Kernodle, Janet Kohrmann, Jonathan Lamb, Chad Rishel, Mitch Simkins and Rian Waterman.

A team with $91 million also joined from Universal Value Advisors in Reno, Nev. The advisors from there include Joshua Barone, Robert Barone and Andrea Knapp Nolan.

According to the firm, Farther’s AUM has grown more than four times year over year, with its current AUM having risen to over $3 billion, up from $1.6 billion in November. It reported surpassing the $1 billion in AUM mark in September, having grown from the $675 million reported on its ADV in June.

Farther was founded in 2019 and has raised $53 million in capital since its launch, the latest in a $31 million series B round announced in September.

According to CEO and co-founder Taylor Matthews, much of the firm’s funding has gone to support the development of its custom-built technology.

Part of that technology is its proprietary wealth management portal, which offers clients a single, unified view of their financial holdings and products. 

The firm also makes strategic partnerships for additional technology, having recently announced its integration with the estate planning technology provider in May.

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