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Natalie Straub

Coldstream Wealth Management Adds Former Schwab Director as Chief Revenue Officer

After nearly 20 years with Schwab, Natalie Straub is now dedicating herself to Coldstream’s 'ambitious' growth initiatives and scaling efforts.

Coldstream Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor based in Bellevue, Wash., with approximately $7 billion in assets under management, has announced the appointment of Natalie Straub as its new chief revenue officer.

I always thought potentially going to an RIA would be a great growth opportunity for me,” said Straub, who left her job at Charles Schwab after almost 20 years.

Focused on the Pacific Northwest, Coldstream serves high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families, individuals and business owners. Straub met the firm shortly after stepping into her final role with Schwab as a senior business management consultant. The position brought her into contact with the team again a few years later.

“And now here we are,” said Straub, who told that she was immediately taken with the firm and drawn to the potential she saw there at a time when she had already begun reconsidering her own path. When she was able to connect with them on a consulting engagement two years later, she was ready to finally take that step.

“I saw an opportunity and sought an opportunity too,” she explained. “We started having conversations and, lo and behold, there was something great there that we were able to build together. It was a perfect fit of things that I want to do, things I get excited about, my background and things that they needed.”

Straub will report to Coldstream Managing Shareholder Kevin Fitzwilson while working out of her home office in Northern California’s Marin County, until such time as another acquisition results in an official Coldstream office hanging a shingle in the San Francisco Bay area.

“As our growth accelerates through mergers of like-minded RIA firms, we continue to attract amazing talent to the company,” Fitzwilson said in a statement touting Straub’s experience, professional skills and character.

Saying that she believes the firm has no near-term designs on regions outside of the nation’s Northwest, Straub does expect to pursue ambitious growth within it. “I think that’s where we found that we find the most like-minded advisors that have similar goals, hopes and dreams for their businesses,” she said. “But, then again, I’m only a week and a half in. I’m still coming up to speed.”

With intentions of spending her first 90 days getting to know the business and “getting really clear on our vision and our strategic plan for the next several years,” Straub said any concrete plans regarding possible changes shouldn’t be expected until fall.

Among the areas she will address are the development and implementation of an articulated Coldstream growth strategy; personnel support, including the introduction of consistent business planning and coaching programs; and bringing Coldstream business operations to scale.

“We look forward to working with Natalie to develop and refine business strategies to integrate our newest partners and further scale the firm,” said Fitzwilson. “Her expertise as a hands-on coach and advocate for advisors will support our teams’ ability to deliver exceptional experiences to clients.”  

Straub’s addition to the Coldstream executive leadership team comes as the firm continues to grow at a rapid pace. In 2021, Coldstream merged with Paracle Advisors and Rosenbaum Financial, firms that collectively managed approximately $1.9 billion. Earlier this year, it opened an office in Boise, Idaho, and this month it merged with LWM Wealth Management, a Kenai, Alaska–based firm with approximately $170 million in assets under management.

“One thing I will say,” said Straub. “I am just so excited to join Coldstream and be a part of the growth that I've been watching happen here. And now I get to contribute to that and to make an impact. It’s just very exciting.”

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