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401(k) Real Talk Episode 22: June 29, 2022

Open, honest and candid discussions about the latest news in the RPA industry.


Welcome to this week’s edition of 401(k) Real Talk, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for's RPA Edge, reviews all of last week’s industry news and selects the five most important/interesting stories.

Stories covered in this week’s edition of 401k Real Talk:

  1. Retirement benefits sway employees to leave or stay 
  2. Big changes to 401(k) plans get closer with Senate vote 
  3. Morgan Stanley to acquire American Financial Systems 
  4. PEPs are growing at a slower rate than expected 
  5. Lessons for RPAs from WealthManagement EDGE 

Other interesting news:

  1. Dick Darian on RPA growth through M&A 
  2. Craig Reid on integrating wealth management and retirement planning 
  3. Keeping up with retirement research 
  4. Sageview Advisory Group to acquire Summit Financial Consultants 

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