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How Eight Multifamily Investors Are Raising Equity in Turbulent Times

The market is awash in equity capital. But how to sell investors on your firm’s multifamily play?

In spite of initial fears to the contrary, the pandemic environment turned out to be a great time to invest in multifamily properties. Many funds have been launched to pursue various segments of the multifamily universe, from those focusing on affordable housing to those focusing on apartment complexes in secondary and tertiary cities. But how are real estate firms behind these funds raising equity in an environment in which many capital sources might be nervous about what the outlook is for both the near- and long-term and when in-person meetings might still be challenging?

Over the past year, we've talked to multiple commercial real estate insiders who were raising money for or already deploying such funds to gain insight into how the process has been changing as a result of both the COVID-19 pandemic and new technologies for reaching potential investors. Our sources ranged from Blackfin Real Estate Investors, a Virginia-based firm that focuses on value-add plays, to Los Angeles-based Cottonwood Group, which goes after diversified, larger scale projects, to Martin Muoto, whose firm SoLa Impact puts an emphasis on a social equity compoment. 

In the following gallery, we talk to eight investment firms about their pandemic era equity-raising efforts, as well as the strategies they are pursuing for investing in multifamily real estate.

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