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Seven Group Launches New Digital Marketing Platform

Seven Group says it’s enabling advisors to market on their own.

Seven Group, a marketing consultancy, has rolled out a new digital marketing platform for financial advisors. The firm, based in New York, has built the platform in a way meant to teach advisors how to build their own marketing campaigns from the ground up, something many advisors tend to need help with.

“As COVID-19 continues to change the advisor-investor relationship dynamic, investors are increasingly researching advisors online and connecting with them in different ways. As a result, we believe that advisors need to become marketers in every aspect,” said Alex Cavalieri, the co-founder of Seven Group, in a statement.

The platform is intended for smaller advisory firms that are not in need of the firm's typical enterprise-custom scope but still wanted assistance with creating a strategy or prefer a digital marketing platform approach to going it alone.

Seven Group’s new platform includes three elements. One element provides advisors with a customized marketing “road map” of how to digitally market to their target clientele. The second element features access to an investor content library that meets FINRA regulations. And the third is the ability to track the progress of campaigns weekly.


The platform was beta-tested for four months with 13 advisors, collecting research and developing strategies and tools that enable advisors to execute their marketing efforts, said Cavalieri.

Seven Group joins an increasingly crowded field of marketing technology and platform providers, including Snappy Kraken and Twenty Over Ten, among others.

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