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Twenty Over Ten Debuts New Marketing Interface

Besides providing a compliance-friendly means for deploying advisor-created content, Lead Pilot ranks clients based on their interaction with marketing materials.

Advisor-focused marketing firm Twenty Over Ten is set to unveil its custom content marketing platform, Lead Pilot, to the broad market today at the T3 Conference in San Diego. The tool, a standalone inbound marketing tool that allows advisors to compliantly utilize both custom and Twenty Over Ten-provided content, has been in testing with a group of 160 advisors and prior to its T3 debut, got an exclusive look at the interface.

Twenty Over Ten launched in 2016 as a website builder for financial advisors, insurance agents, healthcare professionals and has since been growing its offerings specific to the advisor sector, including independent broker/dealers.

For advisors who like to blog, the tool will have a similar look and feel to various popular blogging platforms. It's built on a content management system built by Twenty Over Ten and allows advisors to publish pre-built content purchased from the marketer or material created by the advisor, including videos and images. Advisors can publish content across digital assets like landing pages, email-based marketing campaigns (a popular choice for advisors), or onto pre-established social media channels. It is integrated with risk metrics tool Riskalyze and CRM providers Redtail and Wealthbox.


All deployed content is archived for compliance—every social media post, landing page and email, according to the firm. That includes tangential, but important, components, like a call-to-action that might pop up, or a sidebar where a client might be able to enter his or her personal details.

For advisors who are taking first steps in marketing, the creators of Lead Pilot plan to offer marketing coaching as soon as next month. The tool can be used by broker-dealers and RIAs.

But the tool goes beyond the usual analytics around open rates, simple content management, and archiving. Using information like a potential or onboarded client’s name and email address, Lead Pilot uses behind-the-scenes data scraping to compile a profile of that person from publicly available information on the internet. It then displays a matrix of clients unique to each advisor, assigning each client in the database a ranking.

The ranking metric is a quick way for advisors to see which profiles respond to certain marketing materials. The metric, controlled by algorithms used by Twenty Over Ten, changes based on marketing interactions tracked by the tool and updates in realtime.

Lead Pilot_LEAD_Scoring.png

The idea is that advisors will tinker with their marketing to get certain types of clients more engaged with marketing materials, or that advisors will lump certain types of clients together and market specifically to them. A higher ranking means the client or potential client is more deeply engaged with content the advisor is providing.

It’s a way to shed a little light on what can be a confusing part of an advisor’s business, said Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten. “It's more just a way to help you sort through all of these contacts and figure out, OK, I don't know who any of these people are—who really is somebody worth my time,” she said. “It's mostly just like an at-a-glance number to help you figure that out.”

“The end goal is to send personalized content to these people,” she added.

Lead Pilot can be purchased on an annual basis, for $250 per month, or monthly basis, for $299 per month. Advisors wanting extra help with setting up the marketing tool can pay a one-time onboarding assistance fee of $199 and Twenty Over Ten will build a branded landing page, connect social media accounts, configure email settings and import any client lists the advisor may have. The forthcoming marketing coaching is expected to cost $299 per quarter and is intended to strengthen the lead conversion rate of advisors’ landing pages, personalized content and marketing campaigns.

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