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CFP Board Chooses New Chair-Elect for 2023

Matthew Boersen, the head of the Michigan RIA Straight Path Wealth Management, will become the CFP Board’s youngest chair when he takes over at the start of 2024.

The CFP Board has elected Mathew Boersen, a managing partner at the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based RIA Straight Path Wealth Management, as its chair-elect for 2023. 

After becoming chair in 2024, Boersen will be the youngest in the board’s history. According to current Chair Kamila Elliott, Boersen represents the next generation of financial planners, who are "focused on creating an attractive career path for future financial planning professionals.” 

The Board chose Boersen during its July 2022 annual meeting, and he will succeed Elliott and current chair-elect Daniel Moisand, who will begin his tenure at the start of 2023. In a statement about his election, Boersen said he was “incredibly honored” to be picked by board members.

Mathew Boersen

Mathew Boersen

“There has never been a better or more exciting time to be in this profession, and I’m excited to work with my fellow board members and the staff at CFP Board to expand access to competent and ethical financial planners by increasing the number and diversity of CFP professionals,” he said.

Boersen began his career in the industry while enrolled at Grand Valley State University, interning for a firm during his sophomore year before attaining his license two years later, according to the CFP Board. He founded Straight Path in 2011, turning it into an RIA two years later. 

According to the CFP Board, Boersen leads a staff of 11 offering financial planning, advisory services and tax advice for clients. He also heads up Straight Path Tax and Accounting Services, providing consulting services for small businesses. He joined the CFP Board in 2020 and is currently chair of the board’s Finance and Investments Committee while also serving on the CEO Oversight and Compensation Committee.

In recent months, the CFP Board announced it had seen a growth in the diversity of CFP professionals in 2021, with the number of females jumping 4% to represent more than 23% of all CFPs, while the number of Black and Hispanic CFPs increased at four times the growth rate of all others (though these groups still represented a small portion overall). 

In April, the CFP Board announced it would raise its annual rate by $100 to $455, its first increase in five years, and the board also recently suspended the representative who was charged in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s first case related to Regulation Best Interest violations.

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