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Cannabis' Renaissance Man

Cannabis industry vet Rob Hunt discusses the present and future of marijuana investing.

 The (legal) cannabis industry is still in its relative infancy. As such, true “veterans” of the space are rare. Rob Hunt is one of the few.

In his more than a decade in the space, Hunt, an attorney licensed to practice in Colorado, has worked in nearly every aspect of the marijuana industry. From owning and operating a chain of specifically dedicated hydroponics shops to founding Tuatara Capital, the world’s largest cannabis-dedicated private equity firm, to his current role as operator of Consult Canna in Boulder, CO, a boutique consultancy specializing in cannabis-based businesses and investors, he has pretty much seen it all. recently caught up with Hunt to discuss his personal story, the cannabis industry as a whole, where it’s going and some of the options available to advisors looking to dip their toes into the space.

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