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Advisor Innovations: Bruce Bond on the Story Behind Innovator ETFs

The CEO and co-founder of Innovator Capital Management discusses pushing boundaries within the ETF market.


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In this episode, David Armstrong is joined by Bruce Bond, CEO and co-founder of Innovator Capital Management, a pioneer in the ETF industry and three-time Industry Award winner, to discuss pushing boundaries within the ETF market, diving into where the ETF business is going and how advisors are using ETFs in their client portfolios. 

Bond discusses:

  • The problem Bond and co-founder John Southard were looking to solve with Innovator’s Buffer ETFs, which limit the upside potential on market gains while setting a floor on the downside, and how advisors are using them;
  • Why the ETF is a better wrapper for the investment strategy that typically was found in a structured product offering from the largest investment houses; 
  • Bruce’s outlook for the markets, and how the volatile turn in equities is accelerating asset flows this year into the Buffer ETFs;
  • How the Buffer ETFs prompted a number of imitators to launch their own versions of defined-outcome ETFs 
  • Which asset classes are on the white board at Innovator headquarters for the next ETFs; and 
  • The story of how Innovator’s hometown of Wheaton, Ill., became the hotbed of ETF innovation, starting with unit investment trust managers from Nuveen and Nike Securities, now First Trust. 

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