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The RIA Space: Freedom and Flexibility Maximized

Advisors with their sights set on the highest level of freedom and flexibility, plus the maximum ability to build long-term enterprise value, owe it to themselves to take a closer look at the RIA model.


In this episode, Mindy focuses specifically on the registered investment advisor model, which offers advisors the maximum in freedom, independence, control, customization, open architecture and client-centric holistic practice capabilities.

In a previous podcast episode, Mindy shared information and insights on the independent broker/dealer model, and how it differs from the RIA space. Listen in to get a better understanding of how the features of the RIA space can benefit those advisors, who have a strong entrepreneurial mindset, and the different opportunities for building one’s business.

Mindy will offer the following:

  • A clear description of the RIA and RIA Hybrid models
  • An understanding of what the RIA experience is like
  • Key characteristics and benefits for advisors
  • A process to help guide you through strategic exploration

Listen to the podcast


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