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Mindy Diamond on Independence: 3 Advisors Answer Questions About Making the Leap

A conversation with Terry Cook of Parcion Private Wealth, Lori Siegel of Centrix Wealth Partners and Michael Henley of Brandywine Oak Private Wealth.



After more than 130 episodes of the show, one of the most common responses we’ve received from listeners is that they want to learn more—particularly when it comes to interviews with breakaways.

That is, more about specific aspects of the advisor’s journey, as well as what they gained or lost on the independent side.

So we saved some of the questions that listeners have asked over the past year, then sent out a survey via social media and email to find out what others might want to learn.

After reviewing the submissions, we got our team together, looked at some of our most popular breakaway episodes and narrowed it down to three individuals who represented unique stories, client types and paths to independence.

The result is this special episode—delivered in both audio only and video format—featuring a panel of three brilliant advisors who graciously took the time to dig into the details of their journeys: Merrill breakaway Michael Henley, founder and CEO of Brandywine Oak Private Wealth; UBS breakaway Terry Cook, CEO of Parcion Private Wealth; and UBS breakaway Lori Siegel, founding partner of Centrix Wealth Partners;


  • Each opted for different paths to independence—Lori joining the independent arm of Raymond James, Michael launching his own RIA with the assistance of Dynasty Financial Partners and Terry choosing also to launch his own RIA but taking more of a “do-it-yourself” route.
  • Each started their journeys at different asset levels—Lori at $300 million, Michael at $900. million and Terry at $1.3 billion—and have experienced extraordinary growth since their leaps.
  • Each have different client niches—Lori working with high net worth clients, Michael primarily corporate clients and Terry with business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Each had different motivations behind their leap—yet shared similar goals.
  • And while each have different views of some of the nuances of business ownership, one thing they all agree upon: Independence was the absolute right path for them.

They answer all your questions and more (and since we promised complete anonymity, you won’t hear your name announced but you may recognize your question).

So watch – or listen to – this exclusive episode.

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Mindy Diamond is CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, N.J., a nationally recognized boutique search and consulting firm in the financial services industry.

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