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Exploring the Independent Broker/Dealer Model

The IBD model offers a mix of freedom and support for advisors who want flexibility but also want to retain some of the “scaffolding” they’re accustomed to.


In previous episodes, Mindy talked about “how independent” you might want to be. The reality is that independence isn’t one-size-fits-all. So in choosing whether independence is right for you at all, you need to understand the various models and what each offers in terms of freedom and flexibility. Then you can better align just how independent you want to be; that is, just how much support and scaffolding you desire.

Do you want to be fully independent or do you like the idea of being supported by a broker/dealer, probably a more familiar model, but have the freedom to manage your own P&Ls and operations?

In this episode, Mindy focuses solely on the independent broker/dealer model and what makes it so popular among many advisors who have gone independent.

In this episode, Mindy will share:

  • Key differentiators of the IBD model
  • The benefits and limitations of the IBD model
  • What differentiates an IBD from a full service b/d
  • The difference between the IBD model and the Registered Investment Advisor model
  • Eight distinctions between the IBD and RIA models
  • A nine-point checklist to help determine the right b/d for you

In the next episode, Mindy will define the RIA model and the unique advantages it offers for advisors looking for a greater amount of freedom.

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