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Mindy Diamond on Independence: Exploring KKR’s Attraction to $25B+ RIA Beacon Pointe

Beacon Pointe’s President Matt Cooper and Sasank Chary, Managing Director of KKR, discuss the key drivers of their strategic partnership.


Plenty of successful RIAs have become attractive investments for acquirers in the space. But to capture the attention of KKR, one of the leading private equity firms in the world, would take a firm that exemplifies something truly extraordinary.

And that “something extraordinary” was revealed November 2021 when it was announced that KKR would invest in Beacon Pointe Advisors, the nation’s largest female-led RIA.

For Beacon Pointe, it all started back in 2002. That’s when the founding partners – Matt Cooper (President of Beacon Pointe), Shannon Eusey (the firm’s CEO), and Garth Flint – combined their visions of what an RIA “should be.”

And you might say that worked out quite well, evidenced by the firm’s extraordinary growth from zero to $25B in assets under management, continual growth trajectory and numerous industry awards.

KKR’s investment says volumes about Beacon Pointe—and is a testament to what’s possible when you build a firm with clarity of goals and vision.

So what was it about Beacon Pointe that made them worthy of the vaunted firm’s attention?

This episode explores the answer to that question with perspectives from both sides of the table. Louis Diamond speaks with Beacon Pointe’s Matt Cooper and Sasank Chary, Managing Director of KKR, to learn more about the deal, including:

  • The drivers behind Beacon Pointe’s extraordinary growth—and how this new investment will further their M&A ambitions.
  • KKR’s attraction to Beacon Pointe—and why they view the relationship as more than a capital investment.
  • Beacon Pointe’s approach to M&A—and what they see as the real value of equity in deal structure.
  • The complimentary value that both firms derive from a deal like this—and what key advice they have for both prospective sellers and buyers.

Plus, we’ll get their take on the strength of the M&A market going forward, what makes an RIA attractive to an investor, and much more.

It’s a conversation that offers key takeaways for buyers and sellers alike, but also an eye-opener for advisors outside the independent space who may be curious about the value potential of their business in the future.

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