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Mindy Diamond on Independence: 5 Themes Driving Change in the Wealth Management Industry

In this special episode celebrating the fifth anniversary of the podcast, Mindy Diamond and Louis Diamond explore the most popular themes for financial advisors and independent business owners.


It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since launching the first episode of this show.

As many longtime listeners may already know, it’s a journey that started with creating a handful of episodes exploring the independent space.

Then we realized that we were onto something.

Word spread. The number of downloads increased, as did the number of devoted listeners.

And while the theme of independence served as the launchpad for this series, the content came to represent far more.

We welcomed many extraordinary guests—from breakaways who candidly shared the stories of their journeys, on to leaders from the C-suites of top firms, and industry thought leaders who graciously offered their wisdom and experience.

And here we are today, the result of an industry that has evolved to become one of abundance and not scarcity. That is, advisors have a wealth of options available to them—more than ever before.

Yet as new options seem to enter the space daily come both opportunities and challenges. One of the most significant challenges is staying informed on what’s happening in the wealth management landscape—and how this constant evolution impacts your business life.

In this episode, we explore the five themes that resonated most over the last five years and the impact on how advisors grow their practices and serve their clients.

It’s a conversation relevant to both employee advisors and independent business owners alike.

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