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Advisor Innovations

Advisor Innovations: Sustainable Investing With Jeffery Gitterman

Gitterman Wealth Management co-founder Jeffrey Gitterman on how his firm focuses on sustainable investing, making sense of ESG data and where he sees opportunities for advisors to grow.


For Jeffrey Gitterman, sustainable investing strategies are as much about risk mitigation and finding alpha as they are a declaration of personal values. But as more corporations disclose their ESG scores across a host of metrics, making sense of the data is only getting harder. 

In this episode, David Armstrong talks with Jeffery Gitterman, co-founder of Gitterman Wealth Management, about how he founded his firm, why passive funds miss the mark when it comes to sustainability, making sense of the data and how advisors can talk to clients about taking ESG factors into consideration with their portfolios.

Jeffrey Gitterman

Jeffrey Gitterman

Jeffery and David discuss:

  • ESG-focused investment strategies that work, and those that don't;
  • Why advisory firms themselves should be focused on sustainability in their own businesses;  
  • The conversations you should be having with your clients today about ESG and sustainability;
  • How the ESG trend has changed over the past few years and where it might will go in the future.

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