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Advisor Innovations

Advisor Innovations: Merit Financial’s Kay Lynn Mayhue on Plotting an Aggressive Growth Trajectory

Merit Financial Advisors President Kay Lynn Mayhue describes the firm's 'hub and spoke' approach to acquisitions, what kills a deal and more.


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In this episode, David Armstrong talks with Kay Lynn Mayhue, president of Merit Financial Advisors, about the $7 billion firm’s aggressive growth trajectory.

Kay Lynn discusses:

  • The strategy that’s fueled Merit’s aggressive growth rate since 2017;
  • Merit’s “hub and spoke” approach to acquisitions and partnerships;
  • How Merit evaluates its acquisition prospects—and what will kill a deal;
  • The long search for a capital partner and learning which equity investors made sense—and which didn’t;
  • Why Merit separates client development from the advisor’s role and centralizes financial planning to accelerate organic growth; and
  • Why technology is a significant part of Merit’s budget.

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