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The Daily Brief
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The Daily Brief: Alt ETF of ALT ETFs


ProShares has partnered with Morningstar to launch an alternative investments ETF that is meant to be a one-stop diversified portfolio of alternative strategies in a single, low-cost ETF wrapper, with the ticker ALTS. The fund is comprised of weightings of various other ProShares ETFs, including funds invested in hedge fund replication strategies, managed futures, merger arbitrage and listed private equity, according to the firm. The purpose is for investors who want exposure to alternatives but have neither the time nor inclination to create a portfolio of the various strategies on their own. 

Become a Master

Texas Tech University, which earlier this year listed as having one of the top financial planning programs in the country, is adding an executive master's degree in personal financial planning to its offerings in its department of personal financial planning, the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal is reporting. The program, which will be limited to 40 students and starts Jan. 1, will allow working professionals to earn their degree in two years, while only spending four weeks on campus. The rest of the classes will take place online, in discussion groups and through work experience. The deadline to apply is Dec. 1.


Financial Planning Tips

You get asked it all the time, right? As a financial planner, what advice can you give your friends to help them out. Of course, they're not clients and you have no informed idea of their finances, but that doesn't stop them anyway. Enter LearnVest and Huffington Post. Use this list of 14 Pieces of Wisdom Financial Planners Share With Their Friends as a way to get out of that awkward conversation and back to talking about the ballgame. 

Twitter Wars!

Our corner of the Twitterverse blew up today over what started off as an innocent tweet promoting a webinar featuring MarketCounsel’s Brian Hamburger. It turned into a day-long faceoff with two industry commentators—Michael Kitces and Bill Winterberg.

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