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Jeb Hensarling Copyright Mark Wilson, Getty Images
Jeb Hensarling

Could Financial Services Chair Move into Speaker Slot?

The next Speaker of the House? | Copyright Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Now that Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California has quit the race for Speaker of the House, could Jeb Hensarling toss his hat back into the ring? The current chairman of the House Financial Services Committee on Monday bowed out of the scramble to replace retiring John Boehner. But Jim Nussle, head of the Credit Union National Association tweeted Thursday to watch for Speaker momentum when it comes to Hensarling now that McCarthy is out. In addition to Speaker, the Houston Chronicle reports Hensarling is also being considered for other leadership posts within the party, including majority leader and majority whip.

Without An Advisor, People Plan For Short-Term

Start saving. | alex_rext/iStock/Thinkstock

According to a study by the deVere Group, more people without financial advisors are thinking about their long-term finances than they were a few years ago. The bad news is that 71 percent of the 648 people surveyed still only are looking one year out, regardless of age, income or nationality. According to Nigel Green, the CEO and founder of deVere Group, it’s never been more important to plan for the long-term, and procrastination can be costly for investors. “Governments are being forced to cut age-related benefits, meaning that in the future most people will not be able to rely on governmental support to the same extent they have done in the past, so we have to be more financially self-reliant in retirement,” Green said. “If you’re serious about reaching your big, life-enhancing financial objectives, you must think and plan with a perspective that’s longer than 12 months.”

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Jim Thorpe Appeal

May he finally rest in peace.

Jim Thorpe’s body will remain in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal brought by Thorpe’s sons seeking to have their father’s remains removed from their current resting place and relocated to traditional tribal burial grounds in Oklahoma, according to the Morning Call. Thorpe’s wife chose to have the athlete buried in Pennsylvania after Oklahoma refused to erect a monument to him in the 1950s. The Pennsylvania municipality where he was buried not only erected said monument, but adopted Thorpe’s name as its own as well. Thorpe’s sons’ arguments relied on a federal law that was designed to return Native American remains housed in museums to their tribes. By refusing to hear the appeal, the Supreme Court has likely brought an end to this dispute.

How Cool is Your Office?

Bright and modern. | Image via the Pittsburgh Business Times

Pittsburgh's Medallion Wealth Management was recently profiled in the Pittsburgh Business Times' "Coolest Offices" feature for its bright colors, modern design and environmentally "green" amenities. "We have created an open concept, with each office having at least one wall of windows allowing for natural light and utilized glass walls with open door frames to continue an unrestricted flow, Medallion shareholder Donna M. Cheswick told the Business Times. "Our underlying color choices reflect our corporate culture, using blues which represent trust, honesty and dependability, and light greens to reflect growth, vitality and freshness." Medallion, with 13 employees, is affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research Advisors.

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