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Reed Colley Summit Wealth Systems
Summit Wealth Systems founder Reed Colley

Summit Wealth Systems Partners With Brighton Jones

Summit founder Reed Colley's latest endeavor is being rolled out to Brighton's advisors across 33 states.

Brighton Jones, a Seattle-based registered investment advisor with more than $20 billion in assets under advisement, has signed an agreement with Summit Wealth Systems to provide its advisors access to the startup’s integrated systems.

Back in April, wrote about Brighton after the firm made the RIA Edge 100 list, and at the time it had $9.5 billion in assets under management across 33 states, with 134 advisors. The firm now has about 4,000 clients.

Summit Wealth Systems was founded by Reed Colley (who also founded Black Diamond, later acquired by Advent) in 2020. It was built from scratch in Java Script to take advantage of the latest cloud-native technologies. Brighton was among several firms working with Summit through its development stages to help advisors achieve a more “human” approach to providing personalized advice to clients.

The platform combines a holistic visual balance sheet, wealth modeling, financial planning, as well as advisor-client collaboration tools, and a portfolio management and performance reporting.

A major feature of Summit is its Wealth Journey module, which by default displays a long arc line graph that is full of interactive data. Hovering the cursor over a point on this graph brings up details of a client’s journey at given points in time. This allows an advisor to work with clients and illustrate their past and present alongside planning for future milestones.

Summit won Wealth Management Industry Awards in  2022 and 2023 in the Industry Disruptor and Innovative New Apps categories.

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