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Rob Wilson
<p>Rob Wilson</p>

Q&A: Rob Wilson, the Hip Hop Financial Advisor

Rob Wilson has a unique approach to prospecting online — much of it centering around his podcasts and playful monikers, from the Hip Hop Financial Advisor to his Twitter alter ego Bobby Deniro. We caught up with Wilson to ask about his social media strategy and how he develops content.

“There were some friends who started to call me the Hip Hop Financial Advisor because I was building a client base of entertainers, athletes and artists. I thought that was okay branding. At that time I was heavily recruiting and wanted [those prospects] to know they could go to me. With Bobby Dinero, dinero means money, plus it’s a play on the name of actor Robert DeNiro. I pride myself on not being your grandfather’s financial advisor. I can’t work with everyone. I have a niche I’m going after, and hopefully these marketing and branding efforts will encourage people to work with me, rather than dissuade them.

For my videos, I cluster one day as my shoot day, which allows me to leverage my time better. I am now pushing out content, editing and graphic design using virtual assistants. It was a little tough at the beginning to use a virtual assistant. As entrepreneurs we tend to be control freaks. But I now realize my value is in the content, and not in the editing skills.

On social media, there are so many tools I can use to schedule my posts so they go up all day. But people want to know you’re a real person. They appreciate that you schedule posts but they want to know a person is on the other side. A lot of the content I come up with just comes from people I interact with and conversations with clients I respect. Also anytime someone contacts me or sends me a request on LinkedIn, I send an email back saying ‘I’m excited to hear back from you, may I ask a simple question? What are you struggling with?’ That one simple question will give you all the content ideas you ever need.”

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