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eMoney Strengthens Marketing Tools for Advisors

eMoney is the latest software developer to beef up its built-for-advisors marketing toolkit.

eMoney Advisor is making a push to help advisors who want to up their marketing game—and they’re trying to make it as foolproof as possible. For an industry with a plethora of “really, really bad marketers,” the financial planning software developer is adding what it hopes will be helpful and effective “Automated Lead Generation” campaigns to its branded marketing tool, according to an announcement. It’s an addition among a growing pool of advisor-focused marketing tools and firms, like Twenty Over Ten’s recently launched Lead Pilot or Industry Award-winner Snappy Kraken.

The eMoney marketing campaigns, which come with prebuilt “kits” designed by the software provider, are intended “to resonate with niche segments like business owners, baby boomers, millennials, parents, and more,” said Valerie Rivera, a product manager for eMoney’s Advisor Branded Marketing. “All content is ready made for [advisors] to deploy.”

Unlike some pre-built campaign content, eMoney’s material can be edited, but no advisor-created items may be added, said Rivera. The materials include content designed for social media and email, which in turn directs leads to a campaign landing page with a video meant to increase the likelihood of a lead converting to a prospect. An archival document may be generated for compliance and a copy of all communications sent via Advisor Branded Marketing are sent to the advisor’s inbox. 

“Marketing to new clients is a massive undertaking for advisors, but this challenge is also a tremendous opportunity if they leverage the right resources,” said Jess Liberi, head of product at eMoney, in a statement. More than half of Advisor Branded Marketing users reported increased client engagement since deploying the tool, she added. 

A survey from 2019 found that just 14% of surveyed financial advisors have paid for digital marketing services, a paltry showing considering that the internet is an all-hours portal for clients searching for an advisor and that prospects are routinely looking up advisors online. The new feature comes at no additional charge for advisors already signed up with Advisor Branded Marketing, an add-on product to eMoney’s service suite. For advisors new to Advisor Branded Marketing, the service comes with a sticker price of $1,500. 

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