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App Review: One-Click Calls

App Review: One-Click Calls

Logging on to conference meetings while away from an office? Hardly a one-click call. Instead, they’re a juggling act of PIN numbers and access codes that need to be excavated—until now. MobileDay streamlines these details into one app, combing your Android or iOS calendar for call details, then placing them with just one tap. (Dropped calls can be rejoined the same way.) MobileDay reminds you when it’s time to join a call, and can notify others if you’re running late. The Basic version is free for up to 10 calls per month, with a Pro version running $1.99 a month, or $14.99 a year, for unlimited calls plus 24/7 support. Think of that, an app with customer service. Could make you look forward to conference calls again.

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