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App Review: Keeping Track All By Your Sellf

App Review: Keeping Track All By Your Sellf

We know all about customer relationship management tools (CRM)—programs that keep track of our clients, meetings and details that help us run our business. But CRM programs can be pricey. How about one that runs like an app—native to your phone—and clocks in at $3.99 a month? Meet Sellf. Details are stored under each contact—calls, lunches, meetings, even scheduled follow-ups. The app integrates with Evernote and Dropbox, syncs with Outlook, iCloud, Google Calendar and others,  plus runs on iOs and Android. There’s even a map view, showing where clients are based should you still visit them at home. Maybe you’re comfortable with your mail program, some stickies and a Word document. Or maybe it’s time to upgrade a bit—for yourself.

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