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San Diego Trio Creates Family Trust-Backed RIA

Currently with another small RIA in San Diego County, federal filings indicate the team intends to offer asset-based, fixed-fee and hourly services.

A trio of certified financial planners with a small registered investment advisory firm in northeast San Diego County has filed to create another local RIA in collaboration with a family trust, according to federal documents.   

President Larry Steckler, Vice President Michelle Lin and Client Service Manager Scott Nabb registered Blue Sky Capital Consultants Group with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year, indicating they will provide investment advice for wealthy individuals, charities, corporations and pension and profit-sharing plans. 

The new firm is jointly owned by Lin and the McKee and Steckler Family Trust, owned by Steckler and Laurie McKee.  

The team appears to remain with Capital Financial Consultants Group, an insurance broker-turned-RIA that is co-owned by Steckler and was managing close to $178 million at the time of its latest ADV filing in April 2023. On the Capital Financial website, Steckler is listed as president and CEO while Lin and Nabb are both named as client services managers.

However, Part 2 of the Blue Sky ADV filed in late January indicates client advisory accounts will eventually be transitioned to the new RIA, and a brokerage affiliation with Independent Financial Group will continue unchanged.  

The group chose Charles Schwab as the custodian and recipient of directed brokerage services after IFG authorized Blue Sky affiliates to process securities transactions through another broker/dealer. 

Per the ADV, Blue Sky expects to provide portfolio management services on an asset-based fee schedule ranging from 100 basis points for clients with less than $1 million under management to 60 basis points for those with more than $5 million. Financial planning is to be provided for a fixed fee of $1,500, and advisory consulting services for between $100 and $300 an hour. Pension consulting services will be offered for an annual advisory fee of anywhere from .15% to 1.25% of plan assets under management. 

There is no minimum account size, but the firm states it may terminate relationships in which assets fall below a level that, “in our sole opinion, is too small to manage effectively.” 

Attempts to reach Steckler for comment were unanswered.  

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