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RIA Edge Podcast

RIA Edge: Thrivent Advisor Network's Carolyn Armitage on True Drivers of Growth in the RIA Space

The head of Thrivent Advisor Network discusses the key findings of the RIA Edge study.


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When it comes to business growth within the M&A space, you must be strategic in development while acquiring companies that fit your business model.

In this episode, Mark Bruno, managing director at Informa Wealth Management, speaks with Carolyn Armitage, CFP, CIMA, head of Thrivent Advisor Network, about the key findings from the RIA Edge study, focusing on developments within the M&A industry and how financial advisors’ vision for the future impacts their strategies for business growth through M&As.

Mark and Carolyn discuss:

  • The RIA edge study and historical growth rates and growth expectations for RIA firms over the next several years; 
  • Talent acquisition and the role that human capital can play in driving growth; 
  • What steps are necessary to solve wealth management’s widespread succession problem and the differences between an internal transaction versus an external sale;
  • What is the role of TAN as a buyer in today’s marketplace and how are they a differentiator for financial advisors in the industry; and
  • The qualitative versus quantitative fit when looking at Advisors to enhance the Thrivent Advisor Network business.

Listen to the RIA Edge Podcast

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