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RIA Edge Podcast

RIA Edge Podcast: Perigon’s Arthur Ambarik on the Journey to Build a $6B RIA

Arthur Ambarik shares the story of Perigon’s evolution from a small firm with under $150 million in assets under management to its current status of about $6 billion in AUM.

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This episode of the RIA Edge podcast features a conversation between Mark Bruno, managing director of the wealth management group at Informa, and Arthur Ambarik, CEO of Perigon Wealth Management. The discussion delves into Perigon’’s unique position and model within the RIA channel, as well as the primary contributors to its impressive growth trajectory. Arthur shares the story of Perigon’s evolution from a small firm with under $150 million in assets under management to its current status of around $6 billion in AUM.

Specifically, Mark and Arthur discuss:

  • Perigon’s distinct business model, emphasizing a blend of autonomy and collaboration.
  • How Perigon bridged the gap between traditional consolidator and enterprise firm models, fostering an environment where advisors could bring diverse skills to the table and create a better client experience.
  • Key industry trends, including mergers and acquisitions activity and the battle for talent. 
  • The challenges of growth, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of building a strong team with specialized roles like COO, CCO and CTO to manage the firm effectively.

Mark and Arthur also discuss the growth journey through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and attracting like-minded professionals. He acknowledges the competitive landscape in the RIA industry and offers insights for firms aspiring to grow and professionalize their operations. The conversation provides valuable lessons on managing human capital, adapting to unique challenges and building a successful RIA firm amid evolving industry dynamics.


RIA Edge Podcast

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About Our Guest:

Arthur Ambarik, CFP is Chief Executive Officer of Perigon Wealth Management. Since joining Perigon in 2013, the firm’s assets under management have grown to more than $4.8 billion from less than $150 million. He has overseen several recent acquisitions including PM Wealth Management, Nauset Wealth Management and Stakeholders Capital.

Arthur brings more than 20 years of years of experience to his role with Perigon including advisory and operational positions he held previously with Ameriprise and LPL. He has been named to the Forbes Best in State Wealth Advisors for California in 2021 and 2022 and is a member of the Financial Advisor IQ Leadership Council. Perigon’s accolades include being named to the Financial Times Top 300 RIA 2020, RIA Channel Top 50 Wealth Managers by Growth 2022, Forbes Top 100 RIA 2022 and USA Today Best Financial Advisory Firm 2023 lists.

Arthur holds a B.A. in Economics from Williams College.


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