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RIA Edge Podcast

RIA Edge Podcast: Charting Growth with Insights From Wealth Enhancement Group's Jeff Dekko

WEG CEO Jeff Dekko shares his company’s approach to staffing models, strategic decision-making and the significance of organic growth in the financial advisory industry.

In this episode of the RIA Edge Podcast, David Armstrong, editorial director for Informa Connect’s Wealth Management Group, talks with Jeff Dekko, CEO of Wealth Enhancement Group, about the firm’s history and active role in the M&A space. The company currently manages around $80 billion in assets, primarily in the RIA industry. With over two decades of experience at the company, Dekko emphasizes sustainable growth as a critical aspect of their strategy along with optimizing processes to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

Specifically, David and Jeff discuss:

  • How the firm is committed to organic growth but evolved over time to embrace M&A as well.
  • The need to establish clear benchmarks for hiring and capacity utilization so the firm ensures efficient operations and maintains service quality without the need for ad hoc decision-making.
  • What the changing landscape of M&A in the RIA space means and how it reflects the competitive nature of the market.
  • The impact of private equity investments in the industry and the importance of assessing the compatibility of PE partners to achieve success in quality-driven growth.
  • Why the firm targets both small and large companies for acquisition. They seek clarity and process maturity to drive efficient utilization of technology, particularly Salesforce, to streamline operations and support their client-centric approach.
  • Wealth Enhancement Group’s long-term operational philosophy and strategic focus on building a resilient and enduring company with an expanding geographic reach.


Connect With David Armstrong:

Connect With Jeff Dekko:

About Our Guest: 

Jeff has more than 20 years of business experience in marketing, technology, operations, and finance. He is responsible for overall leadership, growth, and development of Wealth Enhancement Group. Jeff began his career with General Mills, Inc., where he served in a variety of marketing management positions. In 1994 he joined Recovery Engineering, Inc., where he was instrumental in the development and branding of the PUR water filtration system. Jeff was a key member of the team that successfully sold the company to Procter & Gamble for a 100% premium over market value. Through his work in technology and management consulting firms, Jeff has helped numerous organizations realize greater levels of success. Jeff provided consulting services to Wealth Enhancement Group before being asked to join the organization as CEO in 2003.


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