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Focused on the Future Podcast

Focused on the Future: Anna N'Jie Konte on AI, BeFi and Reframing the Money Discussion

Re-Envision Wealth Anna N’Jie Konte details the importance of speaking on a "human" level to clients.

In this episode of Focused on the Future, veteran industry leader Suzanne Siracuse talks with Anna N’Jie Konte, president of Re-Envision Wealth, on the importance of taking a human-first approach with clients, how every advisor can incorporate AI into their practices and why she is reframing the way first generation wealth builders think about money.

Specifically, Anna discusses:

  • Speaking on a “human” level to clients, especially the next generation of investors.
  • How her background influenced her decision to focus on serving women of color.
  • Why clients’ money behaviors and experiences affect her overall planning recommendations.
  • How she uses AI tools to provide advanced planning, automate manual tasks and elevate her marketing efforts
  • Her advice for firms considering merging or selling their practice
  • How she uses the DISK assessment in managing and developing her team.
  • Why underrepresented groups are leaving our industry at a higher rate and how we can combat it.

Connect With Suzanne Siracuse:

Connect With Anna N’Jie Konte:

Anna N’Jie Konte BIO  

Anna N’Jie-Konte, MBA, CFP® is the President and Director of Financial Planning for Re-Envision Wealth. As President, Anna manages the firm’s financial planning, advisory, and operations strategies. She is a proud Puerto Rican, Gambian-American who is committed to building a firm where access to excellent, values-aligned financial advice is the norm, not the exception. Having spent her childhood watching the strong women around her live lives dictated by their bank balances, she’s on a mission to rewrite the money stories of women of color. 

She is a 3x winner of Investopedia’s “Top 100 Influential Financial Advisors” and has been named “10 Young Advisors to Watch” by Financial Advisor Magazine. She serves as a CFP Board Brand Ambassador; an advisory board member to; and a board member of the FInserv Foundation.


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