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Focused on the Future Podcast

Focused on the Future: Carina Diamond on Staying in a Beginner's Mindset and the Power of Reinvention

Carina Diamond details her personal approach with clients in the first episode of season two of the Focused on the Future podcast.

In the first episode of Season Two of the Focused on the Future podcast, veteran industry leader Suzanne Siracuse talks with Carina Diamond, CEO of Stella Secunda and Director of Diversitas, Expanding Diversity in Wealth Management. They discuss the importance of adopting a personal approach with every client and how that leads to more business. Carina also describes why talent development and retention is everybody’s job and how having a beginner’s mindset contributes to growth both personally and professionally. 

Specifically, Carina details:

  • The critical areas firms and advisors need to consider for success now and in the future, as we navigate changing investor demographics
  • How programs such as Diversitas and the Externship play a role in attracting nextgen talent into our profession
  • Her top recommendations for firms on growing their client base; starts with getting personal


Connect With Suzanne Siracuse:

Connect With Carina Diamond:

About Our Guest:

An award-winning financial advisor, entrepreneur and executive, Carina Diamond is the founder and CEO of Stella Secunda, Latin for “Next Star,” which provides consultative organic growth strategies to a variety of companies in the financial services industry. Carina is the Director of Diversitas, Expanding Diversity in Wealth Management, a national initiative founded at The University of Akron. She also consults with a major insurance company on a financial wellness app, and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. 

Throughout her 30-year career, Carina has built and scaled successful wealth management teams, including her own. Five years after launching her RIA, she sold the business to Dakota Wealth Management, where she joined the firm first as Chief Experience Officer and was later promoted to Chief Growth Officer. 


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