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401(k) Real Talk Episode 24: July 13, 2022

Open, honest and candid discussions about the latest news in the RPA industry.


Welcome to this week’s edition of 401(k) Real Talk, where Fred Barstein, contributing editor for's RPA Edge, reviews all of last week’s industry news and selects the five most important/interesting stories.

Stories covered in this week’s edition of 401k Real Talk:

  1. Vanguard pays $6 million to indemnify Massachusetts target date funds investors
  2. June job market cools but is still hot fueling interest rate hike speculation
  3. New law firm files suit against Northeastern University
  4. Is the private equity market cooling?
  5. How blockchain could help the DC market

Other interesting news:

  1. Fading financial advisor loyalty could lead to defections
  2. How the pandemic has affected retirement planning
  3. Managing retirement investing during turbulent market
  4. Small California businesses must start making retirement plans available
  5. Outsourced CIO market hot

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