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Retailers That Have—and Haven’t—Paid Rent During COVID-19

Department stores, apparel stores and accessories stores are among retail tenants struggling the most to pay their rents.

Many businesses have put a pause on paying rent during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others have not missed a beat, according to a Datex report.

Restrictions on non-essential retailers have loosened to some extent across the country, although recent spikes have raised the spectre of new lockdowns. The overall state of the economy and thousands of new cases of COVID-19 have left many businesses struggling with lower foot traffic. In addition, they are accommodating social distancing guidelines and facing higher costs that can come with ramping up e-commerce operations. Recent estimates are that more than 100,000 stores are expected to close by 2025 as shoppers begin to alter shopping behaviors, according to analysts at UBS. But not all retailers are struggling, as supermarket chains (and even sectors like firearms sellers) are continuing to pay their rent in full, despite the pandemic.

Here are five retailers that paid all of their rent and five that paid the lowest portion of their rent in recent months, according to the latest Datex tenant track report.

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