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Common Area

NREI's Common Area: An Update on Restaurants and Food Halls

David Bodamer speaks with Phil Colicchio and Trip Schneck on the outlook for independent restaurants and food halls amid the COVID-19 fallout.

In this special episode of NREI's Common Area podcast, David Bodamer speaks with Phil Colicchio and Trip Schneck about how independent restaurants and food halls have been affected by the COVID-19 shutdown and what might need to change going forward.

Colicchio and Schneck, who are both executive managing directors with Cushman & Wakefield and managing partners with Colicchio Consulting, outline how, despite the recent challenges, independent restaurants remain vitally important when programming commercial spaces. They address what might need to happen with landlord/restaurant financial arrangements to help the sector survive.

Food halls, meanwhile, have largely been able to weather the COVID-19 storm and remain an attractive concept going forward. Colicchio and Schneck say there remains ample appetite and opportunity to continue to develop these concepts across the country. 

Tune in now to hear the latest on restaurants and food halls.

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