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12 Retailers That Paid All of Their Rent in November and 11 That Struggled

Some retail segments have been able to withstand ongoing pandemic challenges much better than others.

After many retailers struggled to pay their rents in full through most of the year, the trend continued in November, according to the most recent report from Datex Property Solutions.

U.S. retail landlords collected 85.31 percent of total rent due for last month, down 35 basis points from October. Rents collected from national chain retailers averaged above that figure at 89.71 percent, while rents paid by local and regional tenants averaged below at 81.02 percent. As in previous months, supermarket chains, home improvement stores and fast-food restaurants were far more likely to pay their rent in full in November than apparel retailers and movie theater operators.

Here’s a breakdown of the retailers that paid 100 percent of their rent in November and of retailers that paid less than 70 percent of their rent.

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