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Seven REIT Sectors That Could Be Positioned to Weather the Storm

Based on their year-to-date returns and growth prospects, NREI compiled a list of the REIT sectors that stand the best chance of weathering this economy.

Since the coronavirus pandemic slammed the U.S. economy, the stocks of publicly-traded retail and hotel REITs have been pummeled.

As of April 17, this year’s total returns for retail REITs fell deep into negative territory—48.2 percent. That’s according to Nareit, a trade group for REITs. Lodging REITs have been battered even more; so far, this year’s returns have tumbled to a negative 51.9 percent.

Two REIT sectors, though, have enjoyed positive total returns thus far this year (as of April 17). And although they’ve notched negative total returns, five other REIT sectors have fared much better than retail and lodging.

Based on their total year-to-date returns and their growth prospects, NREI has compiled a list of the seven REIT sectors that stand the best chance of withstanding the coronavirus-weakened economy—and perhaps even thriving.

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