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Peter Kraus
Peter Kraus

Aperture CEO Launches Initiative to Support Immigrants and Refugees

Peter Kraus is putting his foundation's dollars behind a new initiative for immigrant and refugee justice.

Peter Kraus, the chairman and CEO of Aperture Investors, is donating $1 million toward a new initiative focused on improving conditions for immigrants and refugees.

The effort, a partnership between the Kraus Family Foundation and the Union for Reform Judaism, will focus on advocacy and aid for young immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and their families.

Kraus and his wife, Jill, were inspired by the work of Peter's grandparents Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, who traveled to Nazi-controlled Austria in the spring of 1939 and successfully rescued 50 Jewish children by bringing them to safety in the United States. The Kraus family is naming today's initiative in their honor.

“In their names, we’re reemphasizing the importance of individuals’ efforts in changing society," Kraus said. "Today’s immigration and refugee crisis can seem overwhelming. Yet each of us can learn from their example, stand up for what is right and take action to improve our world.”

Kraus was recently featured on's list of The Ten to Watch in 2019. After two decades at Goldman Sachs and a decade as CEO at AllianceBernstein, Kraus started Aperture Investors to introduce a new performance-linked fee model for investors.

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