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Atria B/Ds Hire New Director of Business Development

CUSO Financial Services and Sorrento Pacific Financial have hired Tami Cain to boost their business.

Two of Atria Wealth’s institutional broker/dealers announced Tami Cain as their new executive director for business development. The third-party broker/dealers CUSO Financial Services (CFS) and Sorrento Pacific Financial (SPF) created the position for Cain, according to a spokesperson. 

Tami Cain headshot.png

Tami Cain

CFS and SPF are looking to widen their net from mostly credit unions to community banks and regional banks. This presents an opportunity for Cain, who previously oversaw the most profitable accounts at her former employer, NorthStar Financial Services, a global insurance company based in Bermuda. So CSF and SPF are betting on Cain, who will work remotely from Miami, to work her magic with their institutional prospects.

CSF and SPF launched a new client portal earlier this year that it wants more prospects to know about. Clear 1 is a client-facing tech platform that is set to incorporate the b/d’s other technology such as DataVision (now Unio), which includes compliant client texting. It launched with the advisors at banks and credit unions first and later rolled out to its independent advisor channel.  

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