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Common Area

WMRE's Common Area: An Update on Return to Office Trends

Cushman & Wakefield's David C. Smith discusses the firm's research and insights into how firms are planning returns to offices.


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While more people are returning to work in person, many companies in the U.S. and globally have pushed back dates for full reopenings. 

In this episode, David Bodamer is joined by David Smith, Global Head of Occupier Insights for Cushman & Wakefield. Smith discusses the latest report from Cushman about the return to offices, which is part of a series of pieces the firm will publish in the coming months. 

In this podcast, you will learn

  • Key takeaways from the global report including how the level of office usage varies in different parts of the world.
  • What office real estate investors need to know about how the “return to office” process is playing out
  • How space within offices is changing
  • What firms with expiring leases have been doing with their space as they plan for the future.

Tune in now

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