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How to Raise the Appeal of Your Multifamily Property with Pet-Friendly Services

Incorporating policies and amenities that appeal to pet owners will make your apartment building more attractive to many renters.

Offering innovative pet-friendly amenities will help property managers attract a new cohort of renters.

Today’s family boasts some extra-wild children—pets. Lovingly referred to as “fur babies,” pets are becoming a staple in the average renter’s household, with 70 percent owning pets in 2017.

Thanks to their certified family member status, pets can make or break a decision to rent. Families look to live in spaces that offer pet-specific services, and often must search longer for the perfect place to rent. With the right offerings in place, property managers can see their vacancy rates lower and renewals increase. Here are five ways property managers can make their living spaces more pet-friendly.

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