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Eight CRE Experts on Their Outlook for the New Year

Eight commercial real estate pros offer insights on what they expect to unfold in 2023 amid a challenging macroeconomic environment.

Inflation and interest rates—unsurprisingly, these economic indicators are top of mind for nearly everyone as 2023 gets underway, and the commercial real estate industry is no exception. Those looking to invest in or finance income-producing properties are keeping a close eye on what the Federal Reserve will do with interest rates in 2023, after raising its benchmark rate to its highest rate in 15 years in December. And this has led to a lot of questions, from whether this will work to bring down inflation in the U.S., and the effect this has on commercial real estate assets.

In the following slides, eight commercial real estate experts share how they think the first few months of 2023 will shake out for the industry—and how the sector can best handle the ongoing uncertainty. 

Responses have been edited for style, length and clarity.

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