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Focused on the Future Podcast

Focused on the Future: Andrew Altfest on AI and the Evolution of the Advisor Value Proposition

FP Alpha's Andrew Altfest explains why what has worked for advisors in the past more than likely won’t work for advisors in the future.

In this episode of Focused on the Future, industry veteran Suzanne Siracuse sits down with Andrew Altfest, president of Altfest Personal Wealth Management and founder of FP Alpha, to explore the transformative power of AI in financial advising and how it’s reshaping the advisor’s value proposition.

Andrew shares his journey from early exposure to the world of wealth management to his groundbreaking work in developing FP Alpha, a cutting-edge wealth tech solution. He discusses why more than traditional approaches to advising may be needed in the future and how advisors can redefine their value proposition to meet evolving client demands.

Specifically, Andrew discusses:

  • His early exposure to the world of wealth management
  • Why what has worked for advisors in the past more than likely won’t work for advisors in the future.
  • Redefining your value proposition to answer client demands
  • The catalyst that drove him to create wealth tech solution, FP Alpha
  • How technology and AI are supporting holistic planning
  • The lessons learned from his mother on the importance of EQ

Connect With Suzanne Siracuse:

Connect With Andrew Altfest, CFP®:

About Our Guest:

Andrew Altfest, CFP®, MBA is President and Principal Advisor at Altfest Personal Wealth Management, a $1.7B RIA based in New York City. There he advises clients about their personal finances and drives financial planning strategies across the firm.

Andrew is also the founder and CEO of FP Alpha, the first AI-driven advanced planning solution that covers more than 16 areas of financial planning. The software enables financial advisors to save time in the planning process through automation, showcase their value beyond investments, and deliver a personalized, comprehensive experience that clients require. FP Alpha provides financial advisors the scale and depth of knowledge necessary to enhance their planning practices by providing key offerings such as tax, estate, and insurance to their entire client base, usually just reserved for top-tier clients. 

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