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Fifteen Must-Listen Business Podcasts for Advisors

This list will help you become more sensitive and better advocates for your clients.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed something that most successful advisors have always known—Mastery of technical financial disciplines is not enough. The best advisors are also advocates in such areas as mental and physical well-being, purpose, resiliency, balance, sustainability and even social justice. Since last recommended the best podcasts for financial professionals, a new crop of exciting podcasts, from an increasingly diverse group of podcasters, has grown to help you chart your own path to a holistic understanding of the issues. About a quarter of all podcasts are now hosted by women, a big increase since 2018.

This selection of podcasts combines diverse points of view, up-to-date information, relevant guests and professional production values passionately delivered on a predictable basis. We believe the following 15 podcasts will help you become more sensitive and better advocates for your clients. They are not presented in any particular order. Take a listen and hear for yourself. 

 Do I Have to Pay?

All these podcasts are free. Because podcasts are becoming Big Media, most now have ads along the way. The ads are usually unobtrusive.

Where Can I Listen to These Podcasts?

It’s not hard to find podcasts. Just search for them by name on Google. All 10 podcasts may be accessed online or through Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and other platforms.

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