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Advisors and Sustainable Investing

The numbers show advisors are still only lukewarm toward socially responsible investing.

Every year, surveys advisors on their attitude toward socially responsible investing, and every year, we're left with the conclusion that advisors are lukewarm on the investment style.

The data suggests that advisors who are prone to use this style of investing are already doing so, and if an advisor is not investing this way for clients currently, there is little chance they anticipate changing their mind in the future. Most say they would offer these kinds of investments to clients if clients asked, but they aren't asking. Of course, clients may not know to ask without the advisor educating them on the topic.

We surveyed advisors over the month of June, garnering 409 completed questionnaires. Advisors surveyed are 53 years old, with an average tenure of 17 years in the financial services industry, $170 million in assets under management and just over 200 clients. 

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