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The 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2016

We’ve covered our share of wacky investment ideas, but the problem with any type of investment is that there is no guarantee, and even less so with these non-traditional types. With art, for example, there’s no way to know whether the artist or piece you’re buying is going to become popular and therefore appreciate in value. That’s also the difficult part of investing in cars. “Choice and timing are key, and that’s what makes it so fascinating, applying a judgment call on a model or marque you consider is due for rotation,” says Dietrich Hatlapa, founder of the London-based Historic Automobile Group International.

But now may be the time to invest in cars. The HAGI Top Index, which tracks the performance of 50 key collective classic cars and includes all age groups up to the early 2000s and geographic regions, gained nearly 17 percent last year, compared to the S&P 500, which was down 2 percent last year. In December, the index was up about 1 percent.

So, what 2016 model vehicles will give you the best return on investment over the next 25 years? Hagerty, an insurance provider for classic vehicles, ranks the top 10 cars it believes will appreciate in value. To land on the list, cars must be produced within the 2016 model year with an MSRP of less than $100,000.

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