Young Black Kid..Wants to Manage Wealth..Advice?

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Jul 23, 2015 4:03 pm

going to keep this brief as possible.

I work at a large mutual fund company as a rep.  I have seen the salaries that our top sales guys make and they only make about 150k all in. That is with 10 years of experience. I would like to make a good salary and pull myself out of the middle class. I am not afraid of hard work, and am willing to do what I need to to succeed. Already licensed.

I do not know a rich person with over 250k of investable assets.  I know people with 25-150k of assets. Firmly middle class. 

What firm would be best for me to join and how should i break into the business? I was told that the best thing i can do is join a team as a CSA and hope that they will bring me into the business one day.

I am not opposed with going to EJ, it seems like the only firm focused towards middle class folk.

Or should I just join up with ML/MSSB and try to build a book

What do I do???

Any financial advisor companies focused towards 50k-200k assets? I read that 80% of financial advising companies focus on 250K+?? 

Jul 29, 2015 4:05 pm

Watch Pursuit of Happyness and “just go for it.”

Jul 11, 2016 5:41 am

I think you want a proper guidance and I can suggest you a person who can help you in this matter. He is also related to financial advisory and handle three locations.