Will buy Kaplan Qbank Series 7 access

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Mar 29, 2016 4:38 pm

Hello everybody.

I am a new Financial Advisor(old broker/trader) . In the last 2 years I took and passed from the first try  Series 6,63,65 and Life and Health Exam with the scores of 85,92,82 and 79 .

I have not opened a single book . There is no need to read books for multiple-choice exam.  The only resource I ever used was Kaplan Qbank . You go through the questions , memorize facts , use  common sense  and always choose an  answer with the word promptly and under no circumstances. 

Unfortunately, I need to retake Series 7 as it lapsed. Anybody is selling Qbank access with some discount(70-75$) ? Gotta be fresh(within 3-4 months of purchase).